YOU MAY BE CONCERNED ABOUT SAFE PROCEDURES. HERE IS WHAT WE DO TO ENSURE YOUR TOTAL SAFETY. Our nail tools are disinfected or disposed of according to the high standards set by State Board. We clean our hands prior to each service and use clean towels for each client. We never use a blade to cut any type of skin, including calluses. We sanitize and disinfect all reusable nail tools in accordance with state regulations and industry “best practices”. Any tools that can’t be disinfected are disposed of or given to the client after a single use. You are welcome to bring in your own tools. We still disinfect your tools before using them, as required by state law. Regularly, we take classes in techniques, health and safety, and product knowledge to enhance the quality and safety of your services

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Be more beautiful and stylish with our manicure service. Our staff are well-trained, careful and whole-hearted. Take the time from your busy schedule to help your nails look their best.



Indulge your feet with our exclusive spa pedicures. Our pedicure chairs are noiseless and pipe less offering the best combination of relaxation & sanitation. We'll make you feel like royalty!

Artificial Nails


Do you enjoy being pampered? Come and check out our glamorous nail sets, plus hands and feet hot stone massage, exfoliation & hydration treatment, and much more. We are the pros!



Come and experience our customized facial that blend relaxation with effective treatments to give you the best skin. Instantly reverse signs of aging while nourishing the skin.



Increase circulation, relieve tension and reduce stress. We want you to feel like being on vacation! Our technician will do whatever it takes to bring you the utmost relaxation.



Wake up with long, full, dark, and feathery eyelashes — without globing on three coats of mascara — a trend that has sprung up over the past few years to respond to that exact wish.

Salon Sanitation

In keeping with our commitment to cleanliness, safety, and hygiene, we sterilize and sanitize our equipment before all services and treatments. Medical-grade quality sterilizers are used for sterilizing metal components to kill microorganisms.

Each client will receive a single use kit including file, buffer, and pumice to make your manicure and pedicure safe and clean. Last but not least, a single-use plastic pedicure disposable liner also helps prevent the spread of bacteria and contamination between clients.

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